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Yahoo Optimization

The optimization for Yahoo is a bit different from that of Google. The keyword density, title tags and meta tags have to be decided differently for getting top search engine rankings in Yahoo. Achieving high rankings in Yahoo also requires a content oriented methodology. Your fresh content is not only meant for search engine but it is equally important that it is in accordance with your visitor's interest and knowledge too.

Web page title

  • Use important keywords in the title.
  • The title should be less than 80 characters.
  • Use your most important keywords in the beginning of title.
  • It must describe the content on the page.
Yahoo Optimization

Meta keywords

  • Use unique keywords for each page according to the content of that page.
  • It must be consistent with the title and page's content.
  • Do not repeat any keyword or phrase.
  • Try to keep it less than 12 keywords separated by commas.

Meta Description

  • It must describe the page uniquely.
  • Use important keywords and phrases in it.
  • It must be consistent with the title and rest of the content on the page
  • Try to keep it to 200 characters maximum.
  • In addition to the above points, use proper anchor text while linking pages to each other. Try to vary your title and Meta keywords from page to page so that each page conveys what it is meant for. Optimize your default / index page for 2- 3 keywords. You can take advantage of other pages while you are optimizing for Yahoo against other search terms.

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