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Search Engine Optimization is nowadays considered to be an integral part of any web project. SEO does not come at the end of project, like quality assurance, it goes on throughout the web development process from planning to designing, implementation and maintenance stages.

The process of SEO is detailed and sometimes important points get skipped too. So we are enlisting here a detailed fundamental SEO checklist to facilitate your SEO needs. It's better to tick off all the essential items done that can shape up your website.

SEO Checklist
  • Ensure presence of Page Titles on every page and they should be different.
  • Re-check the Meta tags (Description and Keywords) for all pages
  • Every page should have a h1 heading. Main content of the page should come exactly after this heading with no navigational structure in between.
  • Study in-depth into the main targeted Keywords and optimize your pages for them. Phrases can be chosen as keywords too but they should be relevant.
  • Site Maps are must for any website linking to every single page and document available within the site.
  • Image optimization is as necessary as content optimization. So ensure that all the images are optimized using SEO standards.
  • Also check through search engines about the well-indexing of your website. If some indexed page have been moved, it's advisable to setup a 301 redirector to redirect all traffic.
  • URLs should be clean with no spaces, special characters in them. Words should be separated using hyphens (-). Query strings should not be present as well.
  • Good Contents the key to a well-optimized website. SEO proves to be a hard process if 80% of content on your website is not original.
  • Check the source code of all web pages. Code needs to be optimized too; it will help in maintaining the content nearer to the top of HTML document.

All on page and off page factors within the SEO are the most vital features that can shape up your website. If they are properly stressed upon, wonderful optimized results can be seen in the search engines and incoming traffic rates.

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