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Search Engine Submission

For running successful businesses, enterprises seek help of websites to interact with their potential clients. Websites are the key to achieve desired business goals. For acknowledging websites on Internet, search engine submission done by webmasters to prominent search engines and directories is fundamentally important.

What is Search engine submission?

Search engine submission is an act of subscribing your web site to a search engine as a result of which your web site URL's will be included in the search engine's database and search engine will be aware of your URL's. Search engine submission is also been referred to as search engine registration.

Search Engine Submission Process

Once you have developed your site for search engines on the web then you have to submit that site to search engine and is cinch. Most of the top search engines such as Google, MSN, and yahoo use two steps search engine submission process:
Submit your URL i.e., address of the home page or Site Map.

Some additional information such as title, topics covered, comments, owner etc of the web site.

Search Engine Submission Tips

Follow following search engine submission tips if you want your web site to be in the top10 results of search engines:

  • Do not submit incomplete page or the page that is under development.
  • Do not try to cheat the search engine in search engine submission process because search engine can apply spamming to your newly submitted web site.
  • Check out your page for errors such as spelling check, valid inbound and outbound links before submission to search engine.
  • While submitting your web site to a search engine, you must have knowledge of crawler-based search engines, spider-based search engines, and human-based search engines. So that you shall submit your web site of your desire in the best manner. You should only submit necessary web pages to search engines.
  • Submit necessary web pages to search engines.

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