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MSN Optimization

MSN search is one of the other important focuses of search engine optimization. Optimizing for msn can certainly increase your presence on the web. Gaining top rankings on MSN is not much difficult if your site has fresh & original content that is being added regularly. Good optimization of your web pages can boost your rankings on MSN and other search engines. MSN has incorporated a new dimension in its algorithm and that is of "RankNet". This technique uses the patterns of search terms and then delivers the results on that pattern. You need not worry too much if you want to optimize for MSN. Give top priority to some points which are as under;

Content Optimization

MSN search is all about fresh content for your site. You have to add fresh content on regular basis to your site in order to get on top of MSN rankings but you need to be patient as it may take quite long. Also try to use validated HTML code and avoid any broken links.

MSN Optimization

Keyword Density

One of the most important factors in on page optimization for MSN is the placement of keywords. Placing your keywords in the beginning and ending paragraph is very important. You can do even better if you use keywords in link text while linking pages to each other.

Do not put unnecessary words for the sake of increasing keyword density. Similarly don't use hidden text as it might cause the removal of your site from MSN index.

Page Optimization

Page optimization is not only important for MSN but it is equally important if you want to achieve higher rankings on other search engines for your targeted keyword or phrase.

These are many other contributing factors which are of great importance but for beginners it would be a good idea to add a robots.txt file to control the indexing of your site by the MSNBot. These also stand correct and good for other crawlers

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