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Keyword analysis, research and the proper implementation of this analysis and research is a significant search engine optimization activity in any SEO process. Before starting any search engine optimization or any search engine marketing activity including sponsored listing or any type of paid campaign in search engine, you have to be very precise about the keywords. Proper keywords implementation result in better output from a search engine related campaigns.

The keywords research and analysis include to ascertain which keyword can generate more revenue as all the search engine optimization activities for website are having one aim, more and more sales. It may happen that a keyword may be bringing more traffic but it may not be enhancing the image of your services or product and thus, it is not increasing the sales from a website. So the use of proper keywords (related to product and services) are the basic ingredients of website success.

Keywords analysis tools are popular as they suggest keywords along with the usage statistics but are they helping in increasing the sales from website? For proper keywords analysis, only expert web site optimizers are helpful as it happens that at times the logic in keywords density analysis tools fails to ascertain the most related keyword to web site product and services. So it is useful to hire the services of professional search engine optimizer to ascertain keywords.

The manner of keywords research and analysis may differ but the keywords used by competitor web sites and pages are given more emphasis. Likewise, help of search engine itself if taken for ascertaining the best keywords.

After the ascertaining of keywords, the next step involved in optimization is the proper usage of the keywords, they keywords should not be stuffed in all the pages, keyword stuffing is disliked by search engine, it is better to plan keyword distribution based on importance of keywords. More competitive keywords are difficult to optimize as compare to less competitive keywords hence if it is desired that immediate results of optimization activities be seen, then less competitive keywords are to be chosen as competitive keywords require more time and effort for optimization.

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