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Image Optimization

Image optimization for search engines is a vital and growing trend in the industry. With little bit of efforts, a huge amount of traffic can also be gathered through image searching. The modern Image Search applications are coming up with features that help in getting significant traffic of popular search engines as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Given proper attention and focus kept, Image Optimization can bring vast changes to the overall layout of the website as well as to popularity amongst various search engines.

Image Optimization

Let us briefly overview here few tips to optimize the images in your WebPages and to have better SEO implementation:

Image Naming

While naming the images, it's better to prefer the keywords allocated for the website. Instead of naming an image as "Image-A"; Name it as "SEO-LOGO".

Secondly, hyphens in image names are always a preferred choice as "SEO-Image-Optimization.jpg".

Image File Size

Optimized file sizes are always a recommended choice in SEO industry. Smaller the file size, greater would be the performance boost. Large images affect the website's performance adversely. It would add up to the page size and will also make the page hideous for dial up users. Users don't like to stay on a web page taking time to load up.

Using 'ALT' Tags

Always use ALT tags in <IMG> for better optimization of the images. Let us show you an example of how to rightly place ALT in the IMG tag:
<IMG SRC=”/images/SEO-Services.jpg” HEIGHT=”150” WIDTH=”225” ALT=”SEO Services and Packages” />

Image optimization plays a great role in pulling traffic from search engines as Google Images; it also enhances the keyword saturation for a web page.

All the top SEO consultants term Image Optimization equally important and necessary as content optimization, hence do consider it and search engines would never fail to have you enlisted highly on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

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