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Google Optimization

Google is one of the most famous search engines now a days and it uses numerous ways to determine which pages to display first in search engine result pages ( SERPs) when a specific keyword or phrase is searched. No body knows the secret of google's algorithm, which changes over time, but there are some important points which can be followed strictly to get on top of Google rankings.

Keyword Phrases

Many people try to optimize against a single word that might be difficult to attain the desired results. Therefore it is advisable to add a few words and make it a keyword phrase. Try to focus one subject for each and every page of your site.

Naming your web pages

While naming your pages, remember to give them a proper name with the <title> tag. It is better to give keyword phrase of your page in the title of the page.

Google Optimization

Keyword density

Google's ranking algorithm is automated so use appropriate keyword repetition in your page's content but don't overuse it. It is also notable not to use hidden text in order to trick the search engines

Website submission

Submitting your website to right directories is one of the important activities of SEO. The most important directory to submit your site is the open directory project. Try to submit your site to specialized directories only so that you are not penalized by the search engines.

The above factors are only to begin your SEO process. You have to consider a lot of other factors while optimizing your site for Google and other search engines. See also What is Directory Submission?

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