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Importance of Search Engine

The given compelling advantages of search engines show how important search engine are:

Search engines help in marketing web site of any enterprise because search engines and directories will index the web site and as a result there will be more traffic to web site.

Search Engine Optimization

The traffic routed by the search engines are the cream amongst the potential clients because these clients look very carefully to services, functions of an enterprise as compared to clients being routed by using other types of media.

There are billions of pages on the web and billions added every year. Millions of searches have been done on web using search engines. A survey shows the most prominent Google search engine have been used 55 billion times for search by web user in year 2002.

Search engines are the most effective online marketing tools being used now in this information technology age. Amongst the efficiency of search engines they are also cost effective as compared to other media of advertisement like banner advertisement.

Numerous surveys show that Search engines are the one and only media for the internet users including students, businessmen, industrialist, teachers and many others to find out information resources against their specific keyword phrases.

Internet users can find out bulk of data every time because of search engines working 24/7 hours.

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