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There are many factors that contribute to your higher ranking in search engines. This article focuses on some of the most significant issues of search engine optimization (SEO). You can use these advanced techniques to boost your ranking on major search engines. Check out our SEO basics article if you are new to SEO.

Page structure

HTML Validation! You have to validate your coding in order to make sure that search engine robots do not find it difficult to crawl your page. You also need to avoid unnecessary html tags and garbled coding. Your aim should be to make a page crawl able.

Search engine robots read your web page from top to bottom. Therefore you must introduce your important and keyword rich content in the beginning of your page and try to use external files for javascript and style sheets so that your code doesn't exceed unintentionally.

Click distance

The number of clicks it takes to get to a web page from the index page of your web site is known as click distance. It can be described as if it requires 4 clicks from your index page to go to a page X and 1 click from your index page to reach a page Y then page Y has smaller click distance than page X.

The click distance is important because a few search engines take into account the click distance while ranking a web page. A web page with smaller click distance is given more value than a page with larger click distance. The directory structure is also taken into account by some search engines while ranking web pages

Pages that are more than 2 levels deep within a web site tend to acquire less rank than pages at the root level. For instance the web page at will gain higher rank than the page at level

Some search engines tend to give more importance to those URLs that contain keywords. You can create a page with your target keyword as

Search Engine Robots

Search engine robots do not index flash files and dynamic content. They follow text links much easily than image or script links. These robots also visit web sites on regular basis and look for fresh content each time they visit your web site. Those sites which update content frequently will get indexed more quickly and regularly. It takes search engine robots a while to index your complete site. But the essence is to make your pages as much search engine robots friendly as possible.

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